Locally owned and operated, Daystar Boutique has been in Lakewood, OH for over 30 years!

We carry a huge variety of tobacco and smoking accessories, unique boutique items, incense, candles, jewelry, apparel -- and much, much more!

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Tobacco Accessories
Tobacco Accessories

Fully Stocked With Glass Tobacco Pipes, Water Pipes, & Other Smoking Accessories Like Rolling Papers, Vaporizors, Tools, & Trays

Health & Wellness

Complete Assortment of Full-Body Detox Formulas, Cleansing Beverages, & Other Purifying Products

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Incense & Candles

Huge Selection of Stick & Cone Incenses, Sage, Glass Jar Candles, Fragarance Sprays, & Purfume Oils

Greatful Dead
Grateful Dead Threads

We Have Grateful Dead Apparel: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Bandanas, Wallets, Bags, Backpacks!

Sage & Smudging Supplies

Cleansing Sage Bundles In All Sizes. We Have Palo Santo & Resin Incenses Too!

Tapestries & Flags

Wide Variety Of Traditional Indian & New Age 3D Tapestries. Banner Flags, Wall & Door Hangings.


Many Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces, & So Much More! Jewelry Made From Sterling Silver, Precious Gems, Brass. Stainless Steel Body Jewelry, Natural & Silicone Gauges

Stickers, Patches, & Posters

We Have A Full Wall Of Stickers & Patches! Bumper Stickers, Band Stickers, & More! Embroidered, Iron-On Patches.

Home & Garden Decor

Sculptures, Statues, Wall Hangings, & Mirrors. Dream Catchers, Doorbeads. Wind Chimes, Lamps. Natural Geodes, Semi-Precious Stones, & Crystals.

Brands We Carry

Pipes, Water Pipes, & Vaporizers

Bio Hazard

Tobacco Rolling Papers

Juicy Js
Bob Marley
Pure Hemp

Incense, Candles, & Perfume Oils


Detox Solutions

  • PuriClean Instant
    PuriClean Instant
    One of our most popular detox beverages. PuriClean Instant Complete Body Cleanser Extra Strength is designed to begin cleansing instantly. PuriClean is formulated to be stronger and faster than other body cleansers.
  • USB
    All-In-One USB
    Purity Labs USB is a specialized combination of ingredients that stimulates the body’s natural removal of toxins from the body in a more natural manner.
  • ProTox
    ProTox ProClenzer
    ProClenzer is a 10 day formula used to remove toxins on a permanent basis. This product is able to aid in the bodies natural detoxification process and can work in as little as 5 days for a person of average body mass who is not a cigarette smoker.
  • Completely Clean
    Completely Clean
    Wellgenix Purified Brand Completely Clean is the ultimate cleansing program, clearing your body of toxins in just 7 days. Guaranteed.
  • Vale
    Vale Detox
    Vale’s original solution is a pre-mixed nutritional supplement formulated to aid your body’s natural ability to eliminate unhealthy toxins. Formulated with precise amounts of dietary fiber, vitamin B-2 and creatine monohydrate, Vale’s solution is easy to drink and tastes great.
  • Vale 4X
    Vale Detox 4x
    Vale's solution 4x is specially formulated for large body mass, persons whose lifestyle exposes them to high levels of toxins. Formulated with 50% less carbohydrates than Vale's Triple Strength Formula.
  • High Voltage
    High Voltage Mouthwash
    With High Voltage Saliva-Cleanse, your mouth will be completely detoxified from all toxins for up to one hour.
  • All Clear
    AllClear & BodyClear
    Purity AllClear Hair Purifying & Cleansing System penetrates and removes toxins & unwanted impurities from your hair. The BodyClear bar soap is a special formula that targets body hair for a complete body cleanse.
  • PuriClean Max
    PuriClean MAX
    PuriClean Instant MAX is formulated to be up to 5X stronger and work faster than any other pre-mixed liquid or capsule. "The strongest and fastest cleanser available on the market today."

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